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'InterNation Renaissance'

By Soyoun Kim

'My Very Personal Journey'
Photo Diary
By Soyoun Kim
Collection of National Library of Australia


Online exhibition 'ERASURE'
Assembly Point, VCA, University of Melbourne
28 May 2020

ACU Melbourne Gallery
28 November to 15 December 2019

'Love Letters To Feminisms'
Trocadero Art Space VIC
20 February to 9 March 2019

Solo exhibition 'I, there, here'
Ladder Art Space, Kew VIC
5 February to 2 March 2019

Travelling Exhibition 'Passage to Pusan'
Hedley Bull Atrium, Australian National University Canberra
9 to 17 November 2017

'Passage to Pusan'
Korean Cultural Centre Australia Gallery
23 June to 1 September 2017

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